Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, and welcome to our Q & A section.  Orchestra 33 has been providing outstanding live musical entertainment for many years.  In that time, we’ve learned a great deal about what is important to our clients when considering hiring a band for their special occasion. 

Briefly, here’s what you can expect from us:


What you see is what you get

There is only one Orchestra 33. We do not send out multiple units in one night. Why? Well, not to be redundant, but there is only one Orchestra 33, led by Dave Farley. One engagement at a time. Because no one in the band has ever figured out how to be at two places at once.


No Tracks – No Tricks

Orchestra 33 is all live, all human, all the time.


The Best Value

We’re not the most expensive band you’ll find. We’re not the cheapest. But we are the best value in live entertainment, period.

You probably have many questions yourself – and there’s a good chance you’ll find your answers below.
But if you don’t, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

How long have you been around?

Since 1988.  We credit our longevity with keeping up with current musical trends as well as honoring songs that have stood the test of time.  There’s always something new to learn and always a fresh way to play the classics.

How did you come up with the name?

Orchestra 33 derived its name from its five-year stint as the house band for the legendary Rupert’s 33 Club.

Can we come and hear you live?

Yes, if it’s appropriate to the venue and event.  But please know this:  It’s not necessary!  The performers you see and hear on our videos are the band members who will be performing at your event.  We have only one Orchestra 33.

Do you travel?

Yes we do, from Warsaw to Cabo, Montreal to Puerto Rico, New York to Des Moines. To anywhere, basically.

What do you charge?

The cost depends on several factors …. the size of the band, the number of hours, the location … it’s all a part of the customization process.

Do you have a contracted time minimum?

Yes – three consecutive hours. 

What is your most popular entertainment package?

We get many, many requests for our 6-hour cocktail/dinner/dancing package.  But we are happy to tailor the band to whatever is needed. 

What about overtime?

We love overtime!  But we make sure everyone is on the same page in the contract stage before either party commits to the possibility of overtime.

Do you have a contracted time maximum?


What is your contract procedure?

First we will take the time to talk to you to customize the best Orchestra 33 experience for your event.  Once a contract is in place, a 1/3 deposit and your signature on the dotted line is all we need.

Do we need to decide on everything before we go to contract?

No. You can reserve Orchestra 33 with a basic three-hour contract and add to it later, if you wish.

Do you require meals?

If we are booked for a long period of time and/or we have to travel great distances, then yes, we require a hot meal. We don’t expect the Lobster Thermidor being served at the event, but we do require sustenance. And the performance will be better for it!

Are there additional costs or fees?

No. The agreed upon, contracted price covers everything.

When do you arrive to set-up?

Our crew will set up and test each system long before any of your guests arrive. Individual band members arrive closer to their starting time.

What is your attire?

We dress in formal wear, unless otherwise directed by the hosts.  We do, however, draw the line at togas.

What do you do to get people up on the dance floor?

That’s a great question.  Years ago, all we had to do to get people up and jumping was play the first four measures of “Hot, Hot, Hot” and a conga line would form instantly.  (For those of you born after 1990, just ask Alexa to play “Hot, Hot, Hot.”) But times and tastes change, and “Shut Up and Dance” seems to be the new “Hot, Hot, Hot.”  We know that sometime in the future, this too will be replaced by some new universal dance hit.  And we promise when that happens, we’ll play it. 

Do you take requests from the audience?

Within reason.  If we know it, we’ll play it, if it’s appropriate for the occasion.  We also clear the request first with the client, bride and groom, etc.

Do you play music on the break?

Yes we do.  We will customize a mix tape of recorded songs chosen by the hosts to play during breaks from live music.

Do you play wedding ceremonies?

Yes. Piano and violin duo, classical string quartet, Gospel choir …. whatever your dream is. And, we’ll cover any song you choose from classical to popular.

Are there songs you don’t do?

Yes.  For example, we will not allow our clients to pay their hard-earned money to hear us play “The Chicken Dance.”  That being said, if it must be heard, we will add it to the mix tape of music we play during our break.

Are you insured?

Yes. For just about everything imaginable.

Do your band members drink on the job?

We allow our band members to have an adult beverage.  This is because our band consists of adults.  Responsible adults.  Should the hosts stipulate no alcohol for the band members, of course we will honor the request.

What do you mean, “No Tracks, No Tricks?”

Simply stated:  Many, if not most bands today play along with some form of pre-recorded music tracks. These computerized tracks cover anything from drums, bass, horns, strings, even lead and backing vocals. Some call it high-tech, some call it karaoke. If that’s your thing, that’s cool! They might even be cheaper because they can use fewer people.

 Orchestra 33 was built on the foundations of talent, integrity and soul. Everything you hear from the stage is live. A major part of the experience we provide involves spontaneity, reading and responding to the crowd and the chemistry of a live groove with humans creating a one-of-a kind, never to be repeated musical performance. That can’t happen with a copy and paste repertoire.

Who really is the best band around?

Whoever says they are. Seriously, we’re all cover bands …. even the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Most people probably realize the “Best of’” awards are prizes for advertising. It’s really about who is the best band for you. While word-of-mouth is our best selling tool, the only opinion that really matters is yours.

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