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About Us

Orchestra 33 provides high quality, sophisticated live music performed to ensure the best in musical entertainment. Whether your group is 80 or 800, Orchestra 33’s experience and talent provide the right music for your special event.

Orchestra 33 began as the exclusive in-house entertainment for the legendary Rupert’s 33 Club in suburban Chicago, performing five nights a week for five rewarding years. This success won accolades from fans and music critics alike, prompting the opening of similar Rupert’s clubs in Minneapolis, Atlanta and St. Louis. Orchestra 33 has since gone beyond the club scene and into hundreds of venues and events worldwide.

What Others are Saying

“A Fantastic Start ”

We have had countless people tell us that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. What a fantastic start to our married life!”

– Joyce H.

“Hire You Again! ”

If we had more than one daughter, we’d hire you again!” 

– Jan & John T.

“Best of the Best ”

Seriously, I have seen the best of the best but you guys take the cake.”

– Isabele N.

“Exceeds Expectations”

Orchestra 33 is an investment that exceeds expectations “

– Peter & Lori B.


You were the most drama-free part of the wedding planning process (you don’t know what that means to a bride). “

– Ali & Brent S.

“A Little Annoyed! ”

I’m actually a little annoyed at how good that band was…” 

from a happy, yet apparently disgruntled wedding guest

– TJ and Kelley T.

“No Joke”

I think (actually know) we received more compliments on
‘how awesome the band was!’ than how I looked … haha, no joke.”

– Leslie & Michael S.


The audio is good, the live performance was extraordinary. “

– Harriet & Stu R.

Our Band

Cedric Jefferson

lead vocalist

Evan Rea

piano, keyboards

Scot Ashley


Pamela Rose

lead vocalist

Grant Cramer

trumpet, flugelhorn

Phil Brines


David Farley

band leader, bass guitar

David Polk

tenor saxophone, flute

Scottish McMillan

sound tech

Rich Perez

lead vocalist

Barbara Farley



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