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Hiring a Chicago Wedding Band

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When it comes to planning a wedding reception, most brides and grooms will tell you music is very high on their priority list. There is nothing better at a wedding reception than to feel the energy of a great live band motivating guests to dance while satisfying your musical and visual appetite. Entertainment is one of the vendors that the bride-to-be will book first. Here are some tips for securing a Chicago wedding band for your reception:


Availability – before anything else, find out if the band or orchestra is available for your wedding date

Services – what type of services do they offer? can they perform at your ceremony, cocktail reception and during dinner, as well as for dancing? are they experienced in your choice of reception style, such as Traditional or NY-style?

Cost – have the representative explain various options, packages and payment procedures available to you, and provide as much information as possible to he or she so that they may provide you with a more precise quote

Misc. – other important questions to consider are 1) does the company send out multiple bands under the same name on a given night? 2) is the live band all live, or do they perform to pre-recorded tracks?


The entertainment industry is a very competitive area of your wedding planning. Having the confidence in knowing which questions to ask puts you in a better position to find and secure the right band for you, and lessen the chance of losing them to a more decisive bride-to-be. When searching for a Chicago wedding band look for experienced performers able to provide the perfect blend of talent, fun and class. One such group seen again and again throughout the Midwest carries a solid reputation of going above and beyond. The Orchestra 33.


Booking Corporate Entertainment

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Quite often it can be a very intimidating task trying to book corporate entertainment – bands, orchestras and others. Depending on what type of music you are interested in can very well determine what personality you will be dealing with. If you’re looking for the bar band atmosphere, it can be a mind numbing experience as some musicians have been known to be difficult to deal with. Hiring experienced corporate entertainment professionals takes a lot of the stress out of the situation.

When adding a theme to your event, corporate entertainment musicians who cater to a certain genre are your best bet. Live music and dancing is a great source for themed entertainment, and it assists in getting your crowd involved and to their feet while creating an inviting atmosphere of intermingling. Who doesn’t enjoy a chance to kick up their heels now and again?

Booking professional corporate entertainment musicians is a great way to help your special event achieve the success you desire. When searching for Chicago corporate entertainment, look for performers able to provide the perfect blend of talent, fun, class and experience. One such group seen again and again carries a solid reputation of going above and beyond. Visit The Orchestra 33 at and search no more.

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